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Unterhaltung Please, never leave me
Please, never leave me! It´s so dark outside It´s so cold outside, It´s so dark inside me, It´s so cold inside me Knifes running through my body, So alone, so lonely So many dark thoughts, So many cold thoughts, Running through my mind, Freezing up my feelings, Freezing up my body So cold, so dark….. Where are you when I need you? Do you hear me screaming? Silent scream, no words come out, Froze through the cold, No warmth to be found Bareness, bleakness Come to me Hold me tight Wrap your arms around me, Warm me, hold me, possess me Fill up the emptiness, dissolve the pain Chase away the cold Chase away the darkness It´s so warm with you by my side It´s so comforting with you by my side It´s so warm in your arms, Just be with me, Join me in all those dark days Please, never leave me! Bitte.... hier nach Unterhaltung zurück!